Coin Master Card Sets List

There is also a very slight possibility of getting a specific card in Coin Master. You may find some Coin Master Card Sets in the game that are stiffer to find than others. You get lucky buying lots of books or doing business with others (or obtain them as a gift) to get rare cards.

Suppose you do not receive any card with the same value as a gift, the best way to collect that list of Coin master card set by purchase. We are providing a list of all cards from that you may face problems in the below along with their value and village name you will be able to open them. It will be wise to use this list for any exchange that may lead to equal opportunity for both.

Coin Master Card Sets List

We are providing an exclusive List of Coin Master Card Set under the beneath. We will try our best to update this list accordingly when the value changes or anything new we added to the coin master card list.

SetCardRarityGolden Card
PetsMighty BullMid RareNo
PetsPuddy CatMid RareNo
PetsHoly CowHigh RareNo
PetsFluffy Panda#N/A
PetsKitty TigerHigh RareNo
PetsBest Friends#N/ANo
PetsFunky Penguin#N/ANo
StatuesSultanLow RareNo
StatuesCaveman Joe#N/ANo
StatuesGolden Emperor#N/ANo
StatuesTroyLow RareNo
StatuesKangarooHigh RareNo
StatuesWalrus KingVery LowNo
StatuesNeptuneMid RareNo
StatuesFunky Totem#N/ANo
StatuesWater GirlVery LowYes
BeastsReef GuardianLow RareNo
BeastsSnoozy CamelLow RareNo
BeastsMighty EagleMid RareNo
BeastsMC BuffaloHigh Rare
BeastsOcean KingMid RareNo
BeastsAsian Elephant#N/ANo
BeastsEl Tiger#N/ANo
BeastsMighty LionMid RareYes
ItemsTreasure MapLow RareNo
ItemsBook of Spells#N/ANo
ItemsSpace QuestLow RareNo
ItemsLucky StrikeHigh RareNo
ItemsMagical LampHigh RareNo
ItemsWhite PearlVery LowNo
ItemsPinataMid RareNo
ItemsTomahawkLow RareYes
ItemsLast ChestHigh RareYes
CreaturesCoin Gatherer#N/ANo
CreaturesBlue Beak#N/ANo
CreaturesMoon CrawlerMid RareNo
CreaturesGreedy Dragon#N/ANo
CreaturesGhost Dog#N/ANo
CreaturesLady TruffleHigh RareNo
CreaturesChinese Dragon#N/AYes
CreaturesFire Bird#N/AYes
SweetsChocolate Truffle#N/ANo
SweetsSugar RushLow RareNo
SweetsGummy Bear#N/ANo
SweetsIce CreamHigh RareNo
SweetsLemon PieHigh RareNo
SweetsChocolate Bar#N/AYes
SweetsCoin Master#N/AYes

We have collected the above data from a recent update. This is a very brand-new update, so we still don’t know all sets, and the cards are from. It will help us for any further improvement if you kindly share your experience with us related to this list. We hope that you will communicate with us through our contact page. We will publish your profile in our contributor’s list.