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As a newbie, you may not be conversant with Coin Master Chests. Hold tight; in this article, we will break the profound importance of Chests for the Coin Master Game. We hope that you will get some information in this article that you never found in any unofficial platform about the game.

Wonder!!! Do you ever hear to get up to 8000 Coin Master Spins? Huge Coin Master rewards for Pet Food, Pet XP points, and Rare Cards?

We tried to accumulate all the details about rewards offered in Coin Master Game as chests and what you are supposed to expect from the game.

What are Coin Master Chests?

The Coin master use chests as a container of different types of Coin Master rewards cards. You will get them in three different categories- Wooden Chest, Golden Chest, and Magical Chest.

You may find 2 cards from the Wooden chest, 4 cards from Golden Chests, and 8 cards from Magical Chests.

There are some different you can obtain chests in Coin Master Game. You will get the chance to dig up a chest through raid during your play, and as a reward, you may get a chest for completing the Coin Master village. On the other hand, you can buy chests using your gaming coins from the in-game shop.

These are the main chests in the game, besides of these chests, some other chests are available in the game that can be earned as the reward of spins, Pet XP points, and Coin Master pet food with cards. We can name them as the below list:

  • Mystery Chest
  • Emerald Chest
  • Sapphire Chest
  • Ruby Chest
  • Valentine Chest
  • Small Lucky Chest
  • Big Lucky Chest
  • Small Easter Chest
  • Big Easter Chest

How To Get Real Cheats for Coin Master?

You can acquire chests in Coin Master Game in four ways:

Completing Village

At first, a player is introduced to his Chest when he completes a Coin Master Village. It was here that he first met Coin Master Chest Code.

Win Chest During Raids

Trade Cards against available Chest.

Buy Chests

You will be able to buy chests with Coin master’s in-game coins.

Trade Cards for Chests

Alternative less practiced Chest is Trade cards for your chests.

cheats for coin master

Learn How to Trade Cards Against Chests

A recent update has been made in Cheats For Coin Master to trade cards against chests. You can buy three types of chests against your duplicate cards. You can choose any combination, including pet food, Pet XP, or Spins, and Card Rewards.

For trading Coin Master cards, you must know the value of the cards. Containing starts above the card will define the value of that card. To trade cards against chests, please follow below steps:

First Step

Go to Card collection in your Game menu and select Menu Trade for Chest

Second Step

Trade Cards against available Chest

Third Step

Check Mark “Select Cards for Me” option.

A timer will appear when you complete your trading a chest against cards. And time limit will be locked for the next trade. But you can avoid this lock by spending some in-game coins.

List of Common Cheats for Coin Master

In this part of this article, we will discuss a list of all Chests in Coin Master that will indicate an expectation in chests. To reach success in the coin master game, you will find that Chest plays an important role. This is not like Coin Master Free Spins; you will not get chests through free reward links.

As a player, you will need to think differently while using chests. We will try to discuss it, why you should think out of the box about chests.

Wooden Chest

Wooden Chest

In the Coin Master game, you will get Wooden chests as your initial chest. And you will have to reach to coin master village level 3 to get the Wooden Chest as Coin Master Reward. Wooden chests contain 2 cards in total; you are supposed to get below rewards in the wooden Chest of coin master.

  • 86% chance of 1 Star Card
  • 48% chance of 2 Star Card
  • 18% chance of 3 Star Card
  • 15% chance of 4 Star Card
  • 2% chance of 5 Star Card

In the wooden Chest, you can expect a 5-star card also, but this coin master reward is rare with a minimum chance.

Golden Chest

Golden Chest

In Village 3, Golden chests are available like wooden Chests. The main difference between these chests is the percentage of getting cards and the chances of getting cards. Most Golden Chest ends up with 3 Star Card rewards. Coin master Golden Chest has 4 cards in total. Your expectation should be based on the below information.

  • 60.4% chance of 1 Star Card
  • 77.74% chance of 2 Star Card
  • 99.5% chance of 3 Star Card
  • 35.87% chance of 4 Star Card
  • 5.95% chance of 5 Star Card

Magical Chest

Magical Chest

The last Chest but not the least is the Magical Chest. You will get Magical Chest like Wooden chest and Golden Chest in village 3. A large number of Card reward in this Chest creates the difference among others. Have a look at the below chart. Put in mind that you can get a maximum of 8 cards in Coin Master Magical Chest.

Usually, magical chests end up with 3-4 start card rewards.

  • 79.21% chance of 1 Star Card
  • 94.29% chance of 2 Star Card
  • 99.5% chance of 3 Star Card
  • 99.5% chance of 4 Star Card
  • 23.6% chance of 5 Star Card

Comparison of Cheats For Coin Master Game

Here is  a short comparison of Coin Master Chests’. It will meet up your excitement and save your time. Also helpful for you.

Wooden Chest vs Golden Chest vs Magical Chest

Chest Type
Chest Contains Cards
Time to Unlock
Wooden Chest
5 seconds
Golden Chest
8 hours
Magical Chest
12 hours


The above, we discussed all the main chests added in the Coin Master Game. Coin Master hack chests will help you to with your gameplay. You will be happy to know that there are some lists of uncommon Coin Master chests. We will discuss them in another article in the future. Just stay with us.