Coin Master Gold Card: How to Get Them?

If you are a pro-Coin Master player, you must be well-acquainted with the concept of Gold Cards.

Simply put, Gold Cards are rarer versions of regular cards in the game. As they are rare, getting them is more rewarding than other cards. While a standard card set completion might result in a few spins, getting Gold Cards may yield you twice the regular card set. Gold cards are integral for completing the card collections in your game.

If you want a solid victory in your game of Coin Master, you need to get your hands on Gold Cards. Although they may be hard to find, you can still make a few efforts and score them.

How to Get Coin Master Gold Cards?

We have researched so that you don’t have to. Here are some easy ways to get Coin Master Gold Cards to enhance your game.

Buy Chests

One of the quickest ways to get Coin Master Gold Cards is to buy a chest. You can always find them in chests. As these cards have the highest number of stars, we advise you to buy the golden or magical chest. Also, buying the chests during the Cards Boom will result in 50 percent more cards, which is a win!

Play Quest

Playing quests in your Coin Master game may also give you Gold Cards in return. For instance, if you play Viking Quest, you can earn two Gold Cards. The first one will be given after completing the sixth mission. The second one can be claimed after completing the tenth mission.

Alternatively, you can get chests for completing the missions in Viking Quest, which can ultimately help you win more Gold Cards and find any missing cards.

Trade During the Gold Trade Event

Coin Master hosts the Gold Trade Event, and you can always make it work in your favor. You can trade with your friends or even on Facebook groups. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For some rare cards, you need to trade multiple cards.

You can participate in an event for 30 minutes and score amazing rewards. For instance, some popular events like Cards Boom, Gold Trade, or Village Master can offer you what you have been looking for – Gold Cards.

Play Extra Rewards Events in Tournaments

Another way of collecting Gold Cards in Coin Master is by participating in the tournaments and playing for extra rewards. While the rewards are free spins and coins in most cases, it can be your lucky day if you win a Gold Card instead.

Win a Joker Card

Another trick to score a Gold Card while playing Coin Master is to win a Joker Card. Interestingly, if you win a Joker Card, you can take every single card you have opened. You can opt for this strategy if you are in desperate need of a Gold Card. You can also win a Joker Card from tournaments or special chests.

Go for a Raid

You can simply raid a nearby village to get a Gold Card. Going for the heist can result in some extra chests, and in the final step, you can even claim the special chest where you can find a Joker Card, Gold Card, or other rewards.

Check out Free Gifts Links

Lastly, watch out for free gift links and get Coin Master Gold Cards. Every day, the game gives away gift links where you can find various elements to boost your gameplay, including free spins, coins, and more. In some cases, you can also find Gold Cards.

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