Coin Master Pets That Boost Your Level

If you play Coin Master regularly, you must also be aware of the importance of the pets in your game. Pets are one of the most popular interactive elements of Coin Master. You can collect and even gift the pets to your fellow players. Each pet you come across throughout your gameplay is sure to bring you some kind of value, which helps enhance your overall game and bring you closer to victory. 

These pets look adorable and also offer many sets of benefits in each stage. You can use them in different game modes. However, it is vital to mention that you cannot utilize the benefits of all three pets at one time. Only one pet can be active at a time. 

So, what are the different pets you will find in Coin Master, and how will they help you? Read this article till the end to find out. 

How Many Pets Are There in Coin Master? 

There are three pets in coin master. You can unlock each of them after reaching different levels in your gameplay. Pets become available through hatching. Once you reach a certain level, you can crack open the eggs of the pet you want. 

Some pets are available directly, while for others, you have to complete the card sets before hatching the egg. After completing it, the game will send you a notification informing you that a new pet is available to claim. 

Who are the Different Pets in Coin Master? 

Here are the three different pets in Coin Master. 


Foxy is the first pet made available to new Coin Master players. You can check your pet section and avail the pet after reaching Village 4 in your game. Foxy offers many benefits to the players. It buffs the raid capabilities of the players. In active mode, Foxy allows you to get up to 106 percent extra coins you have traded. You can utilize these extra coins in a long way throughout your gameplay. 


Rhino is the protective pet of Coin Master. Its role is to add a shield to the village and protect it from raids and attacks. Although it might not be as effective as an actual slot machine shield, it can still serve the purpose of protecting up to 70 percent of the precious buildings in the village. You can utilize Rhino while building a new village, especially when you want to save your resources. 


Like Foxy, Tiger offers a buff to the players during attacks. In fact, Tiger’s buff is much bigger and stronger than Foxy’s. You can receive up to 410 percent of the total rewards of the attack as additional coins. It is easier to get attack opportunities from slot machines than raids, so Tiger provides equal value to Foxy. You can unlock this pet and use it during Attack Madness. It is where you can get the maximum value. 

Which One is the Best Pet? 

Each pet has its own quality and ability to help you throughout the gameplay. While Foxy helps in raids, Tiger helps you in attacks, and Rhino in defense. As Foxy is the first one to unlock, you can reach the higher level fast. Besides this, merely reaching Coin Master Level 4 is enough to unlock Foxy. Because of this reason, many people consider Foxy their favorite pet. 

On the flip side, you can complete your respective Coin Master card sets and collect nine cards to unlock the remaining two pets. Whichever pet you choose further depends on your play style. Regardless of the choice, we recommend you upgrade them at every opportunity to maintain your winning spree. 

How to Take Care of Your Pets in Coin Master? 

Once claimed and unlocked the pets, you must also learn how to take care of them. Here are a few things to know after unlocking the pets. 

  • The game offers you a free meal or snack every 24 hours. Thanks to this, your pet will be activated for several minutes. Thus, make the most of this time and use your pet as many times as you can. You can get the help of Coin Master Events to get free food. 
  • Upon getting experience by opening chests or winning tournaments, you can offer it to any other pets from the purple pot you see on the panel. For this, you need to select the pet you want to give the said experience, otherwise it will go to another. 
  • Keep an eye on the statistics throughout your gameplay. You will be able to consult information equally interesting as the experience each one has left to level up.
  • You can use XP to update your pets. With this feature, you can update any pet and increase your star. Upon doing so, you will receive a designated star for every single update. The more your pet is updated, the bigger the reward will become. 

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