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To Be the next Coin Master, you need to know about Coin Master Review. Coin Master is brought you by Moon Active as a casual mobile (Android and iOS) game. You will be offered a full of fun-filled gameplay. In which you will come to be an opportunity to link with millions of other diehard players across the internet in fierce attacks, epic spins, and to generate your own Viking village to the maximum.

Is it possible to be able to traverse through time to time to be a magical land besides battle against vicious creatures to be the best Hippie, Pirate, Viking, or a Warrior?

The eventual objective is to win as many coins as possible and to use these coins to upgrade your tools to create an attractive Coin Master village. At the time of the gameplay, you will have to acquire a fortune by spinning the wheel and winning, dominating enemies, and raiding the fortune of your competitor players.

The Art Of Coin Master Review

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Coin Master Gameplay (4.5/5)

To earn a star as a reward, you will have to construct a building every time. Whenever you finish collecting 20 starts, you will able to move to another village to play the next step of the game. In every step of the game, you will have to upgrade your constructions.

To make your title, you will have to go through all the quests and side quests, construct the building for the village, support your teammates, and demolish your enemies. To get the slot machine, you must complete the first step of the game.

Whenever you get the slot machine, your first task should start spinning by pressing the RED button. From that Coin Master Slot Machine, you can earn huge coins, but you will get only 50 spins maximum.

For every hour of gameplay, you will get 5 spins. You have to be careful about spending your allotted spins, if you used up all your Coin Master spins, you must wait till refill. Only you will get extra spin when you win a game in the slot machine.

Coin mater will ask to try your luck before you start a quest. Spin the wheel of slot machine and check what you get. You may receive money, Shield, quests, or attack time. You can use the money to buy tools for any construction to build your village; Shield will protect you from enemy attacks.

Game Controls (5/5)

The Coin Master game designed and developed for the different age groups of people. So that control plays a proper role. In Coin Master, game controls are very modest, and players can cop up with It very quickly. To Spin a wheel, you can press the spin button easily, or to construct a building, all you will need to press the appropriate button showed on the left side of the screen.

Coin Master Review

Replay Value (4/5)

The game so long, it is challenging to finish the game; anyone can play the game as long as they want. Sometime you may find the game boring after hours of play. No exception; with all its limitations, you can continue the game with your passion.

Coin Master Sounds (4.5/5)

Sound is fundamental in life. Coin Master Game sounds are not out of that. The built-in sounds that come with the Coin Master game are charming and sparkling. Whenever you play the game, you will hear a piece of background music; you will find everything in the proper place, for instance, pressing the buttons, Hammer sound of spinning the slot machine, etc.

Coin Master game developers are trying hard to integrate new sounds to the game. But some monotonous loud sounds can make your ear tired. For this, you may turn off the sound at any point in the gameplay.

Lasting Appeal (4/5)

The Coin Master game is full of challenges among all the single-player game. It is sporadic that a player to get bored and leave the game. Because the game is straight forward to control, anyone can spend 2/3 hours in a single sitting with the game or during your commute to the office or return home after office. You will be astonished to know that the game has downloaded over 80 million times, and he counting is growing.

Coin Master Graphics (5/5)

One of the finest things in the Coin Master Game is its graphic. Coin Master graphic is romantically bright and good-looking. Most of you will find still life mode pictures; it increases the interest of the game. Often time you will find game birds are flying over the village that will give a dynamic mode fell. In coin Master, it is expressible that the graphics are not realistic. Developers represent graphics as cartoon style. But use as a detail that makes the look exciting.

The village life not that pleasing; you will find a primitive look in Coin master. And you will give a chance to build your village like modern civilizations so on.

coin master game review

The Verdict (4/5)

This is no matter in which device you are downloading and playing the Coin Master game. It Can be your personal computer, or in social media via Facebook or Twitter any other supported platform, you will have the mind-blowing graphics, high reply along with incredible gameplay. To test your luck, whether it is with you or not, you will have the scope to spin the wheel to get something for your Coin Master Game. If you are bothered with Coin Master sound, you can turn it off, anytime.

Some Characteristics of Coin Master Review


  • Beautifully designed graphics.
  • Clever Gameplay.
  • Different types of intelligent challenges.
  • High lasting appeal.
  • Intelligent concept.


  • The default sound in the game is too flashy.
  • There are some malfunctions.
  • Tedious in terms of long-time play.

Final Words

You notified that by all means, the Coin Master game review is full of fun. To test your luck and get rewards, you just spin the wheel as much as you get a chance. And the Coin Master slot machine will help you to get all the necessary money to continue your game.

All you will have to do is construct a building for your Coin Master villages and manage 20 stars to be Coin Master with the help of this money you get from a slot machine.